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Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Why does the software fail?

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  1. Very nice to read this blog post. I am very much thankful to the author of this blog. I have read many informative contents here. It is worth reading. I am going to bookmark this site. This is to check your upcoming posts. But I cannot see any new posts in your blog from 2 years. Please make your site active by posting new contents. I always like to read informative contents. Here I found healthy blog post. Keep up the good work like this.
    Software is unavoidable in present day society. However we are regularly uninformed of its essence until issues arise. Programming is a standout amongst the most significant. But then it is standout amongst the most financially testing strategies of this time. As a simply learned item, it is among the most work escalated, complex, and mistake inclined innovations in mankind's history. Until the 1970s, developers were very meticulous in arranging their code. And it is checked thoroughly. By giving point by point documentation, and comprehensive testing before the product is discharged to clients. Be that as it may, as PC turned out to be wide-spread, attitude changed.
    As projects developed in size and intricacy, the cutoff points of this "code and fix" approach wound up obvious. In this paper, we studied the different reasons why software failed. Make your site more attractive. Try to include examples. If you add examples then it is easy to understand. After reading this post I have searched different blog for same topic. By comparing other sites I can say that this is better than others. I loved this very much. I am going to share this site with my friends. Most of my friends are software developers. I think even they will like this. Your work is a great inspiration.

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